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Best REITs to Buy in India 2023: A Comprehensive Guide

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) are popular investment vehicles in India because they give investors the chance to participate in the booming real estate sector without actually owning any properties. 

As 2023 approaches, the Indian REIT market has seen impressive expansion, offering a wide variety of possibilities for potential investors. 

The finest Best REITs to buy in India in 2023 will be covered in-depth in this extensive blog, along with helpful tips on how to invest in REITs, the best REIT funds, and the country’s REIT mutual funds.

Best REITs to Buy in India

Understanding REITs

Let’s understand the underlying idea behind REITs before delving into the finest REITs for investment. A REIT is a business that owns, manages, or funds income-producing real estate. Investors can buy units or shares in a Best REITs to Buy in India and receive a piece of the income produced by the underlying assets. 

Both experienced and inexperienced investors will find REITs to be an enticing alternative because they provide a distinctive blend of consistent income and possible capital growth.

How to Buy REITs in India

In India, purchasing REITs is a simple procedure. Let’s look at the procedures for purchasing REITs in India.

  1. Selecting a Demat Account You need a Demat account in order to invest in REITs. Choose a trustworthy brokerage company, then finish the account opening procedure.
  2. Execute Due Diligence Do a thorough analysis of the many Best REITs to Buy in India offered in the Indian market. Take into account elements including the REIT’s portfolio, past performance, management, and expense ratio.
  3. Money in Your Account: To start investing in REITs, deposit the necessary amount into your Demat account.
  4. Put in an order: Put in an order to purchase units or shares of the preferred REIT using your brokerage account.

Best REITs to Buy in India in 2023

  1. ABC REIT: ABC REIT has consistently grown and offers a high rental yield on its broad portfolio of commercial buildings in desirable locations. It is a good candidate for investment due to its emphasis on dependable tenants and strong management.
  2. XYZ REIT: Specialising in residential buildings, XYZ REIT has seen impressive increases in the value of its holdings. This REIT delivers a tempting potential for investors due to the rising demand for high-quality housing.
  3. MNO Industrial REIT: Taking advantage of the booming e-commerce industry, this REIT mainly invests in industrial assets and warehouses. MNO Industrial REIT offers consistent cash flow as well as the chance for long-term expansion.
  4. PQR Healthcare REIT: As India’s healthcare industry expands significantly, PQR Healthcare REIT deliberately buys hospitals and medical facilities, making it an alluring investment.

Top REIT Funds in India

REIT funds are a great choice for investors that choose a diversified strategy and expert management. Let’s examine a few of India’s top REIT funds:

  1. REIT Fund LMN: This fund, which is run by an experienced team of professionals, balances growth and income-oriented assets by investing in a variety of high-quality Best REITs to Buy in India. To make wise investment choices, the fund thoroughly examines market trends, property performance, and tenant profiles. The LMN REIT Fund has a history of generating exceptional returns, making it a top pick for investors looking for security and expansion in the real estate market.
  2. EFG REIT Fund: The EFG REIT Fund allocates its investments to REITs with significant growth potential in the Indian real estate industry, with an emphasis on capital appreciation. The fund’s holdings The fund is well-positioned to benefit from the changing real estate trends in India because its portfolio has been carefully chosen to contain properties in high-demand locations. Investors looking for aggressive growth potential in the Best REITs to Buy in Indian industry and with a higher risk appetite might choose the EFG REIT Fund.
  3. STU REIT Fund: The STU REIT Fund provides exposure to carefully selected REITs, assuring the best returns for investors. It is renowned for its consistent performance and diversified approach. The portfolio of the fund consists of a variety of commercial, residential, and industrial properties, giving investors fair exposure to various real estate market segments. The STU REIT Fund is a great option for cautious investors looking for reliable returns since it places a strong emphasis on producing continuous income and capital growth.

REIT Mutual Funds India

REIT mutual funds are a viable option for people looking for exposure to the real estate market as well as the advantages of mutual funds. Some major companies in the Indian REIT mutual fund market include:

  1. GHI REIT Mutual Fund: Known for its consistent performance, this mutual fund exposes investors to a carefully chosen group of Best REITs to Buy in India with high growth potential. The portfolio managers of the GHI REIT Mutual Fund adopt a rigorous strategy and do extensive research to find attractive REITs with solid fundamentals and development prospects. Investors in this fund can anticipate a consistent income stream and the possibility of long-term capital growth.
  2. JKL REIT Mutual Fund: The JKL REIT Mutual Fund invests in top-notch REITs with a track record of generating steady income. stable income. The aim of the fund is to pick REITs with strong rental revenue and steady occupancy rates. JKL REIT Mutual Fund appeals to risk-averse investors since it combines stability and growth.
  3. The mutual fund VWX REIT: The VWX REIT Mutual Fund offers a diverse strategy to profit from the Indian real estate sector, catering to both growth and income-oriented investors. The portfolio of the fund consists of both established and up-and-coming REITs, providing exposure to numerous industries and geographical areas. The skilled management team of VWX REIT Mutual Fund continuously evaluates and rebalances the portfolio to maximise profits for investors.

FAQ’s : Best REITs to Buy in India 2023: A Comprehensive Guide

Q1 : Are REITs thought to be secure investments?

A: Due to their varied portfolios and expert management, REITs are regarded as secure investments. They are nevertheless susceptible to market alterations and particular dangers related to the real estate industry, just like any investments.

Q2 :  What is the minimal amount that can be invested in REITs?

A: Depending on the particular Best REITs to Buy in India and the brokerage platform you choose, different minimum investments are needed to invest in REITs. It often falls between a few thousand rupees and the cost of one REIT unit or share.


The Indian REIT market continues to offer fascinating chances for investors looking to gain exposure to the real estate industry as we look ahead to 2023. Investors can use the potential of the Best REITs to purchase in India for long-term growth and income generation by completing due diligence, keeping up with market trends, and engaging with financial consultants. 

Recall that REITs, REIT funds, and REIT mutual funds can provide a flexible and practical real estate investing strategy. Invest wisely!