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The Ultimate Guide to Solar Panel Price in Gujarat 2023

Gujarat is the 2nd largest state in India in terms of installed solar capacity. The western state is developing solar energy at a record pace. The rapid advancement in photovoltaic technology has made the solar industry far more accessible and affordable. That being said, you must be wondering about a solar panel price in Gujarat.

Gujarat has been successful in establishing several solar parks and power plants in the last few years. The conducive environment for large-scale solar generation has attracted many international players. But, how did Gujarat manage to achieve all that? What exactly were the steps that the state government followed to make renewable energy a reality?

Let’s take a look at Gujarat’s solar energy sector and uncover the list of subsidies for solar panels in the western state.

Solar Panel Price in Gujarat

Solar Panels – The Boon of Gujarat

Everybody knows that commercial and industrial solar projects are increasing rapidly. However, the residential rooftop segment is progressing slowly in the country. Gujarat stands at the forefront of residential rooftop installations. A lion’s share of the market belongs to the Western state due to its progressive policies. 

The rapid technological advancements have helped to bring down the solar panel price in Gujarat. Let’s take a look at some of the key initiatives taken by the state government. 

  • The government keeps introducing rooftop solar schemes that have promoted the rapid adoption of solar panels in the state. Schemes like the Surya Gujarat Yojana have encouraged over 2.3 lakh consumers to register through a common web portal for setting up connections.
  • Net metering was introduced to help people save up on electricity bills. This allows generators to send excess electricity back to the grid. The distribution companies buy the excess electricity for Rs 2.25 a unit.
  • There is a 40% subsidy on a solar panel price in Gujarat and a 20% subsidy on systems that are between 3 to 10 KW. There is no limit to the total capacity that one can install at their homes.
  • The government is planning to set up the biggest solar park in the country in Kutch at a capacity of 30GW. 

Additionally, the first fully solar-powered village Modhera is a fine example of innovative planning and execution. All the households have solar rooftops that cover the electricity needs during the daytime. 

However, a mega-sized 15 MWH battery storage system and the 6MW ground-mounted solar plant generate energy during the night. The entire plant was set up by the state government’s GPCL( Gujarat Power Corporation Limited). 

Next, let’s do a detailed analysis of solar panel subsidies in Gujarat. 

Subsidy and Solar Panel Price in Gujarat

Setting up a solar panel is very easy in Gujarat. The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy‘s rooftop solar program offers financial assistance to individuals installing grid-tied rooftop solar in their homes. The scheme helps to reduce the upfront costs of solar PV systems for individuals and housing societies.

A common national portal for rooftop solar has simplified the disbursement and application procedure. All queries are resolved quickly and there is plenty of information available on the website. The online portal offers an efficient for consumers to fill out applications and get assistance right from the comfort of their homes. 

Here is a list of subsidy rates that have reduced the solar panel price in Gujarat. 

Total CapacitySubsidy Rates
Rooftop solar panel up to 3 KW14558/KW
Between 3KW to 10 KW14588 for the first 3 KW and 7294 for the rest of the capacity till 10 KW
Beyond 10 KWA fixed amount of 94822
Housing societies7294 per KW

Moving on, let’s take a look at solar system prices at subsidized rates. These rates have played a key role in reducing the solar panel price in Gujarat. 

Solar System Subsidy- A Closer Look

You have understood the subsidy rates for a 3 KW solar panel price in Gujarat. The rates are fixed across different category slabs. The total subsidy is calculated by reducing the subsidy amount from the price of the solar system. You will then get the final standardized price for solar panels. Take a look at the list below.

Solar System CapacityPriceApplicable subsidyTotal Susidized price
1 KW solar system75000-850001458860412-70412
2 KW solar system150000-17000014588*2 = 29176120824-140824
3 KW solar system189000-21500014588*3= 43764145236-175236
4 KW solar system252000-28560043764 + 7294= 51058200942-234542
5 KW solar system315000-35700014588*3 + 7294*2 = 58352256648- 298648
10 KW solar system531000-60700094822436178- 512178

Now, you are clear on the subsidized rates that have decreased the solar panel price in Gujarat. Let’s check how you can apply for a solar system in the state. We will walk through all the important steps that are required for installing a solar system in Gujarat.

Installing Solar System- The Complete Guide

Solar panels are installed quickly in Gujarat. You don’t have to wait in long queues or face any red-tapism while registering yourself to install a solar system. Here are the steps that you need to follow.

Step 1 – Registration on the web portal

You need to register on the National Portal for Rooftop Solar by visiting the official government website.

Step 2 – Apply for the installation

Create your account, fill in the necessary details, log in, and apply by submitting the subsidy form.

Step 3 – Feasibility check

The submitted application goes to your state’s DISCOM for review. They will check your application for technical feasibility. If all the details are accurate, your application is accepted else it is sent back for correction.

Step 4 – Select the vendor

Once the application is approved, you need to choose an empanelled vendor to get approval for subsidy on solar panel price in Gujarat. Don’t forget to sign the declaration form for the vendor to make sure the installation is done as per the technical standards of MNRE.

Step 5 – Submit the details of your plant

After the vendor is done installing the solar system at your home, you have to upload all the important documents on the National Portal. Take a photo of the plant and the beneficiary and add it to your application. Your plant is now scheduled for inspection and final net metering installation.

Step 6 – On-site inspection

Relevant government authorities will visit your location to check the installed solar system. The person will approve whether the plant meets all technical and infrastructural standards. Then, that person will integrate the net meter system at your home.

Step 7- Project Commissioning Status

Once the net meter is installed, the authorized DISCOM provider will approve all the details of your installed plant. You will see an online certificate on your account. You can pay the subsidized solar panel price in Gujarat to your appropriate vendor.

Step 8 – Subsidy request

You have a subsidized solar panel price in Gujarat. Raise a subsidy claim request after the generation of your commission certificate. The subsidized amount will directly get credited to your bank account within 30 days of the plant’s installation.

Now that you are clear about the solar panel price in Gujarat. Let’s take a look at the frequently asked questions on subsidies in Gujarat.

FAQS – Solar Panel Price in Gujarat

What is the new solar policy in Gujarat?

The policy provides a solar rooftop subsidy in Gujarat. For the initial five years of installation, the state government will buy the excess electricity at a fixed rate of 2.25/unit. Plus, net metering integration will be provided to MSME and residential consumers.

What is the capacity of solar rooftop in Gujarat?

Gujarat has 1.27 GW total installed capacity. Several big projects are in the pipeline which will increase the state’s solar capacity in the future.

What is the maximum solar KW?

There are different system sizes for different network lines. For instance, single-phase connection lines have a capacity of 5 KW while three-phase connection lines have a capacity of 30 KW.

What is a 3 KW solar system price in Gujarat with subsidy?

A 3 KW solar panel usually costs around 180000 to 240000. However, after deducting the subsidized rate, the cost will fall somewhere between 136236 to 196236.

What is the 2 KW solar panel price in Gujarat?

A 2 KW solar panel price in Gujarat will come at an estimated range of around 150000 to 170000.


Solar systems are getting cheaper due to various government subsidies. This helps in making a positive impact on the environment and on your savings too. The subsidized rates will keep reducing the solar panel price in Gujarat. This will encourage consumers to switch to renewable energy.

Similar to cheaper installations, investing in solar projects is a lucrative option for sustainable investors. Start your journey with Sustvest to shape your sustainable investment portfolio.

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